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37 Squadron

37 Squadron Royal Air Force

New Book - The Shackleton Boys

Khormaksar - Majunga1966 - Sharjah - ADEN
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19 March 2016 = 50th Anniversary of the 1st Landing in Majunga by 37 Sqn Aircraft
1 Oct 2017 - Dave's 51st Wedding Anniverary

37 Sqn Receiving New Colours - Khormaksar 1964
(Courtesy of Chris Dance)

Aden Closure Op Order
(Found by Chris Dance)


Battle of Britain Sep 17


In Memorium

RIP Hugo (Dick) Walker 29 September 2012

Hugo Walker (Dick) has passed away (Air Radio.)
He died from cancer on the 29th September 2012.
Hugo loved the time he spent in Majunga and was eager to share his Majunga and Khormakser photos.

(These are now available on DVD from Dave McCandless - Dec 13)

RIP Danny Thomas 1 July 2009

From us all and especially from Chris Dance and all on 37 Sqn in 66/67

37 Sqn Majunga T-Shirt (all now gone)

See Aden Documentary - Brings back memories and there is a 37 Sqn Shack in it too


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From Dave McCandless

Khormaksar Mortar Attack 1967

Mike Stanley was SNCO I/C Duty Crew that day
Members can also read Dave's first-hand account of that 9-mortar attack in Members' Messages
And read about his Majunga Wedding

From Dick (Hugo) Walker (RIP)
ex Radio chap 37 Sqn

Look Here for more of Hugo's Pix

Year 1966/67

If you see anyone you know

Tell me or Chris Dance

L-R: 1?; 2?; 3?; 4-Jimmy McDowell; 5?; 6-Danny Thomas (Chf Tech Engines)

From Roger 'Horace' Ward

RAF Roughing It | Army Equivalent 

Year 1969 (Xmas)

Sharjah, Mardet

L to R: -

1. J/T "Plugsy" Smale, A Fitt P (now living in Cornwall),
2. Cpl Jimmy McDowell, Inst Fitt (now in Bury St Edmonds I think),
3. ???,
4. SAC Roger Ward (Me), A Mech P (now living near Melbourne, Australia),
5. Derek Kendal, A Mech P( location unknown),
6. SAC Ron Brown A Mech P (location unknown),
7. Sgt George Barclay (Courtesy Dave Rowe 2011) A Fitt P,
8. J/T Norm Lindsay, Inst Fitt (at the moment probaby floating about in the North Sea in a funny looking boat).

This photo was sent to me by "Plugsy", the occaision was the Xmas P*** Up in the squadron bar we built in one of the huts following the usual Sharjah/Muharraq custom.

From Chris Dance

A Whole Page +

Year 1965/67
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John (Mo) Botwood
Founder and President
The Shackleton Association
7 Acacia Court
Victoria 3880
+613 5156 7422


From Nodge Myers
Read about his OBE
Look Here for Some Great Pix

From Alan Hills 1966-67
From Bob Newman 1966-67
Dennis Lancaster (Hon Member) Majunga 1966
22 Sigs
Arthur Mace
Who can ID those in the picture?
37 Sqn in Radfan
Sgt Mike Stanley (Armourer)
(Discovered By Chris Dance Aug 06 Trawling through Halton Site)
Aden 1965-Sep 67
(Not Majunga)
Sgt Mike Stanley
(Anyone Know where he is?)
Yes!!!! there were 2 of them at same time on the Sqn
and Majunga 66
Jimmy McDowell  
Jnr Tech Chris Timberlake Aden
Ken Dunn Aden
Dave Currell (Rigger) Aden 1965-67
Majunga 66
Aden From The Air Cpl Eddie Weir (Radar) Aden 1963-1965
Detachment Ground Support Team 1970 Terry Davies Majunga 1970
'Friends of WR963' Tony Bove (Associate) Majunga 1966
John McVey - Hunters
May 63 to May 65
Bob Dell (Associate)


Peter Foxton (Air Radar) Aden
The Shackleton Association Nev Feist, Editor the 'Growler' magazine Worldwide
Aden Veterans Association See them Marching in 2007

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